About Us

From our humble beginnings in May 2011, we have since become one of Singapore’s leading drive home services company. Beside just serving our local customers, we have also grown to become a favourite with the expatriate community in Singapore.

Our mission is to provide all our customers with the highest standard of service. Reputation, credibility and professionalism are our key assets. Customer service, convenience and safety are just some of the many benefits all our customers are guaranteed to enjoy.

About our drivers:
•Our drivers are all over 27 years of age and have many years of experience with different types of Class 3 vehicles.
•Our drivers will greet you upon arrival as we hold client communications to a high standard.
•You will feel very appreciative of our attentiveness as we provide comfort to our clients.
•Our drivers will be held responsible for any traffic offences while in charge of your vehicle.
•Rest assured that our drivers will do their best to ensure the safety of you and your vehicle while on the road.